Psoriasis / Eczema / Skin disorders / Acne

It is a miserable condition where you get thick scaly plaques and irritation on your skin which itches like crazy, is scarring and disfiguring. Patients of psoriasis may develop psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriasis has a genetic component, a dietary component, and an environmental component. Some cases of psoriasis are linked to streptococcus infection.

Traditional medicine does not have a lot of great treatment, that often come with lot of side effects. The general view in traditional medicine is that it is an external skin problem, a chronic skin condition and there is no cure for it. Traditional medicine considering it a chronic inflammatory condition uses lot of steroidal applications, which when absorbed into the body suppresses immune system causing long term consequences.

However functional medicine considers it as a systemic condition. Functional medicine approach is to look into the root cause by assessing any history of c-section, not breast fed which leads to reduction in healthy microbiome formation. Breast feeding provides oligosaccharides, food for the good bacteria. Then if there is any history of antibiotics in a patient of psoriasis is important from the functional medicine point of view.

Patient should be tested for gluten sensitivity and leaky gut. Our intestinal lining functions like a door screen. As the intact door screen allows only the fresh air to come in and not the mosquitoes. Leaky gut is like having holes in the screen door, so that mosquitoes are coming in. When your body has leaky gut it produces Zonulin which causes long term leaky gut condition. Gluten is known to cause transient leaky gut. Eating gluten causes zonulin levels to go up and then they come down. But once you develop antibodies to zonulin it is then one develops chronic leaky gut.

Then there is another test to check antibodies for the LPS (lipopolysaccharide). These are the coatings of the gram negative bacteria in the gut, a kind of bacterial toxin. Absorption of LPS leads to immune system reaction. Stool test is done to assess the status of microbiome. Next we need to test is for toxic heavy metals.

Diet play a great role in such patients eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods go a long way in helping the patients suffering from psoriasis. Lectins including seeds, nuts and eggs can also play a role in some individuals as triggering agents, so you need to eliminate them. Elimination diet is not to eliminate dietary foods for the whole life. It needs to be done for the eight weeks to begin with to reduce the immunologic load to the immune system and after that they can be re introduced one by one.

Repairing the leaky gut can be helped by ghee bone broth which is high in collagen peptides and butyrate. Butyrate is produced by healthy bugs by breaking fibre. Glutamine, aloes, probiotics and prebiotics as supplements can be introduced.

Probiotics, prebiotics, multivitamin needs to be given in the beginning of treatment.

Vitamin D is a biomarker for the exposure to sunlight. One must be exposed to sunlight for at least 20 minutes in a day. Frequent bathing with soap and hot water removes the layer of oil from the body which essential for activating the vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Exposure to sun and bathing in salty sea water is known to provide relief. Ultra violet light is also known for its beneficial effects for modulating the immune system.

Component of stress and sleep are also very important. It is not that stress causes psoriasis or stress causes autoimmunity but stress affects the immune system which in turn affects everything else. A good circadian rhythm along with stress management are key things in treatment of psoriasis with functional medicine approach. Stress alone can cause leaky gut even in otherwise healthy people.

So, there is hope for psoriasis patients in functional medicine approach.

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Acne and gut Heath

There is a lot of misinformation about hormones causing acne. But in reality, it is often not true. People who are prone to acne can experience it under multiple circumstances. Such people get a pre-period breakout due to fluctuating levels of oestrogen and progesterone.

Post-birth control pill, when the body is regaining natural levels of hormones, people prone to acne may get a breakout. In a lot of other cases, hormones are not the underlying cause.

The number one cause of acne is food sensitivity. Food sensitivities can develop when you are frequently under a state of high chronic stress. Chronic stress can break the healthy gut lining and thus causing food sensitivities. Your immune system which lies behind your gut lining is suddenly exposed to see things never seen before and reacts with a heightened response.

Sometimes, stress is triggered by incidents like surgery, accident, or loss of someone close, which results in giving rise to leaky gut and hence food sensitivity.

People in general, resort to all kinds of pills, antibiotics, and topical applications available over the counter, and in the conventional system of medicine, without any permanent positive results.

You see you cannot fix the acne from the outside you need to fix them from the inside.

Dairy, gluten, are the most common, food antigens, but there can be others, like soya, nightshade vegetables etc. It is interesting to know that, one may not get bloating, indigestion, or diarrhoea on having food sensitivity.

So how does functional holistic medicine help in the treatment of Acne?

Diet elimination for which you have food sensitivity is a major step towards the healing process of acne through the healing of the gut.

Another important thing that matters is to avoid the application of products that strip the skin of its bacterial cell layer and fatty acid layer. Topical antibiotics do not fix the underlying problems rather makes them worse in the long run.

Excessive use of vegetable oils rich in omega 6 fatty acids, giving rise to a disturbing ratio with respect to Omega 3 fatty acids resulting in increased inflammation.

Excess of refined sugar intake is also pro-inflammatory. Acne is also linked to the hyperglycaemic index of foods. Lots of sugar and lots of antibiotics lead to yeast overgrowth in the gut by disturbing the microbiome. The body’s immune system starts overreacting to this.

Our body is a complex ecosystem comprising of own self and the bacterial cells, environmental clues, what we eat, our relationship, and not the separate organ system.

Eating the right food living a healthy stress-free lifestyle with normal sleep patterns is key to getting rid of your problem of acne.