Dr. JPS Bakshi

Over decades of homeopathy practice, I have come across a common pattern in most of the cases. There is a direct correlation between our health and the food we eat. Even to this day, whenever we experience an upset stomach, we change our diet to bland and light food. It becomes evident that even our ancestors believed in the integral relation of the gut and brain.

With the advancement in medical science, the diagnosis and cure have pretty much become localized to the organ affected. This is where I want to bring awareness and transform the way we take care of ourselves. A holistic approach towards symptoms means, your entire lifestyle will be analyzed, your sleep pattern, activities, food intake, nature of work and every possible aspect that impacts your life, before we address your symptoms. When one of these aspects of the self is out of balance, the entire body is affected. Functional medicine approaches the symptoms with the same concept. The detailed assessments, developed by our team, coupled with functional medicine, equips us to get to the root of your problem and cure it.

We aim to evoke the human element, the relief and belief people associate with doctors, into the holistic healing methods by creating awareness about holistic healing and wellness that promotes balance between mental and physical health.

Let’s begin our journey towards a healthier and more enriched life for us and the people we care about.

Dr. JPS Bakshi

Founder - Dr. Bakshi's Healthcare