Infertility is a disorder of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 1 year or more of regular unprotected sexual contact.

Among the important female infertility causes are polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, birth control pills, uterine fibroids etc. Most of the times there is no obvious reason for this unexplained infertility.

Environmental toxins, diet, nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle factors have often been found to be associated with female infertility.

Not sleeping enough, being stressed, not taking right diet, over exercising, not eating enough calories are big hindering factors in delaying pregnancy.

Such cases can be addressed by Holistic functional medicine approach in much better way than the conventional approach.

Functional medicine addresses why it is so, why one is not getting pregnant by digging deep into the history for identification of individual’s root cause.

This approach is safe, less expensive, less toxic. In some cases, it is the waist hip ratio that indicates that one may not be overweight but tends to accumulate fat at wrong places. The ratio should be less than .8; one should not have weight around their belly. Insulin resistance should be evaluated in such cases, the waist hip ratio more than .8 indicate a prediabetic condition, one may be thin outside but fat inside.

Indications like belly fat, acne, irregular menses, hair growth on face and abdomen or loss of hair on top of head point towards a condition known as polycystic ovary syndrome.

Fasting insulin test is more important than glucose tolerance test where blood sugar levels are normal. One may have normal blood sugar levels with increased insulin levels indicating insulin resistant causing you to gain weight around belly.

Thyroid antibodies test, thyroid antibodies levels may be higher even when thyroid hormones are normal indicating thyroid dysfunction. Low grade thyroid problems are often the reason for not getting pregnant.

Gluten a cause of autoimmune disease in some people is a common food component of processed foods. It is always better to eliminate it from diet to prevent any autoimmune reaction to gluten.

At the same time do not go in for gluten free processed food as they are rich sources of refined sugars. So, the idea is to balance the sugar by high fibre diet including vegetables and proteins.

Being underweight despite eating well can be a cause of infertility. Nutritional markings are very important in such cases. Low Vitamin B 12, Zinc, iron levels may be there even when one is eating well. Often times it is because of gluten sensitivity resulting in leaky gut dysfunction. Damaged villi in the intestinal lining allow undigested food particles to enter in the blood. At the same time poor absorption of important nutrients resulting in nutrient deficiencies.

Once gut health is restored by eliminating disruptor foods and adding proper diet, supplementing with nutrients and probiotics the chances of healthy pregnancy are increased many folds.