Do not you wonder why some people have beautiful shiny, glowing, radiant hair and skin whereas some people do not have it.

Condition of hair tells about your physiology and health or lack of it. Now we know that there is a gut brain axis and gut skin axis and since the hair follicle reside in the skin there is a gut hair axis.

Research has shown that the gut skin axis includes the hair, and the health of gut impacts the health of hair and skin. Since the hair follicles reside in the skin the physiological status of skin tissue impacts the hair follicles and can make it shiny or less shiny, full, or less full.

Research shows us that there are multiple things that can impact the quality of hair one of the most important is the health of gut and the microbiome or the bugs that are there in the gut.

Research has shown that the nutrients these bugs make impacts the health of hair specifically vitamin B7 or biotin. In the gut we have a typical amount of biotin that is impacted by what we consume in our diet and the metabolism of it by the bugs. Some bugs consume biotin, and some bugs make it. If we are not eating enough biotin rich food then the level of biotin will fall, and if the bugs those who make it are depleted then the level of biotin will fall further and at the same time if we have increased number of bugs those who consume biotin will further reduce its level.

Not having optimal levels of biotin will take away the nutrients that provides for healthy skin and healthy hair. So, we need to make sure that we have a balance of good and bad bugs. Probiotics can help in preventing hair loss.

So, anything that sets out of balance our microbiome like antibiotics, stress, processed diet, lack of sleep and exercise will ultimately impact health of gut and thus health of skin and hair.

Lack of biotin either due to decreased no of biotin producing bugs or increased no of biotin consuming bugs or diet lacking in biotin will result in falling of hair causing alopecia, loss of shine and making hair less full.

The shiny, full, attractive hair is also considered to be a sign of fertility. Therefore, ensure healthy gut for healthy shiny hair.

Probiotics can provide hair growth by reducing stress induced skin inflammation. Probiotics can prevent hair loss by supporting the body to enable the hair follicles to sustain growth. Probiotic bacteria stimulate the anti-inflammatory compound of the immune system to release the hormones that can disrupt the damaging inflammatory cycle. Research has shown that a traumatic event can cause a shock to hair follicle pushing them out of growth phase into a shedding phase. Probiotic bacteria can reduce stress, anxiety levels and thus combating hair loss. Probiotics also help balance the hormones like stress hormones have major impact on hair loss. the individuals who do not have good bugs lining in the gut are more prone to hormone problems. Thus, thinning of hair and losing of hair can be related to the hormone imbalance. Studies have supported that probiotics stimulate hair growth, help in making hair thick and shiny.

Therefore by attending to your diet, lifestyle management and using alternative therapy one can successfully regain shiny, long thick hair.