The entire functioning of body is dependent on the health of the digestive system. Smooth digestion helps to absorb the right nutrients for proper nourishment of the body. An imbalance in digestive health can lead to sluggish digestion, stomach upsets, and lethargy. Holistic approach soothes and balances the gut microbiome with gut-balancing food, tonic herbs, and lifestyle changes that support digestive health.

Holistic Approach

The health of our gut is directly related to our diet. Eating the right food is key. The gut lining has a microbiome that helps break down ingested foods and absorbs them for the nourishment of different organs. Processed foods, refined sugar, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and stress can disturb the health of gut flora. Most of the afflictions of the digestive system occur when this microbiome is not thriving. Holistic works to restore a healthy microbiome of the gut and thus promotes wellness.

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